Morning walk - a good way to start your day

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Published: 09th July 2012
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In this fast paced and busy life, people hardly get anytime to pay attention to their physical fitness. Where on one hand globalization is seen as the boon to the economy of developing nation at the same time it is ruining the lives of beholders. The advancement in technology has made people dependent and somewhat lazy, unlike the days when people use to actively participate in the physical work. This is the reason health related problem are more prevalent nowadays comparatively to early days. It is vital to bring a change in the lifestyle to live a long lasting healthy life. We are always taught ‘early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. We are told by our elders rise has lot of health benefits. According to many of the well-known physician, early morning walk is one and the only most effective remedy for treating all kinds of disease.

Morning walk is indeed a good way to start your day. Many of us spent a lot of money for getting well-shaped body but morning walk is the only best possible way to keep you fit and fine, it does not even require gym membership or any special equipment other than pair of shoes. A morning walk is a rewarding experience. The air is fresh and free of dust and smoke. There is hardly any traffic on roads; it is the only time when roads are not crowded. As one walks worries and anxiety fades away. The feet stride out in a joyful rhythm. The sheer delight of movement is enough to refresh the whole day. Nature is at its best in the morning. The dewdrops on green grass and leave looks like pearl. The view is simply ‘treat to eyes’.

Morning walks benefits in several ways. Walking is one of the best ways to shed ways; it helps to burn calories and control weight to a great extent.

Morning walk strengthen the heart. The heart beats more rapidly and pumps more effectively. This indeed increases the stamina of heart and enables you to stay active throughout the day.

It also helps to keep the blood more oxygenated, as we breathe fresh air early in the morning. Walking strengthen the muscles as well.

It endures muscles and thus improves the stamina of the person to perform work throughout the day. With this person gets fatigue in longer time than before.

Morning walk help to burn the extra body fat which automatically reduces the cholesterol level. With this the risk of getting heart disease potentially reduces.

In this busy life people handle deal with many hardships, therefore morning enables the person to forget all his worries and elevates mood.

Morning walks benefits in every sense. Thus it is good to go for a walk daily as that will keep you more alive and healthy. Including morning walk, Indulging in aerobics, or sports also provides several health benefits and promotes longevity. Playing badminton till you get an increased heart rate or mild breathlessness, lower the risk of heart disease and death. The optimal health benefit is received by playing badminton for at least 30 minutes a day. The major health benefits of playing badminton are the reduction of bad cholesterol and increase of good cholesterol. The increase in bad cholesterol decreases the size of blood vessels which lead to the risk of heart attacks, strokes but reduction in their level provides multiple health benefits. Indulgence in badminton regularly helps the overweight people to shed their weight and obtain appropriate weight according to their height and age. It helps to burn the fat and that extra calorie we gain each day.

Playing badminton helps you stay enthusiastic, strong and motivated. It not only promotes several health benefits but also a sense of sportsman spirit.

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